How long we giving Kanye to live?

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 4 months ago '18        #51
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He probably wishes he was dead bc he seems miserable

 4 months ago '16        #52
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 DabGod said
He’s the walking dead now. Kanye West is dead. His legacy is gone, Spotify and apple will probably drop his music and give it 10 years he will be a distant memory. People will joke about Yeezys as being ugly. He’s destined to the life of a mumbling crazy person irrelevant and looked through. His influence is gone, his networks are gone. He’s a puppet clown for white supremacists to manipulate and use for their own amusement to sow discord between minority groups. His current life is a fate worse than death. They won. They found a weak black icon and exploited a mental illness and manipulated him to a point nobody thought possible. It’s sad, hopefully it never happens again. They won this battle, the war continues and they will lose.
yeezys have been ugly trash for years now

 4 months ago '18        #53
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 naledgestate said

You're seeing a level of sophistication thats not there.

He's just losing his sh*t.
I disagree, respectfully. He didn't get to where is now because he is dumb.

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