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Aug 17 - Mannie Fresh Leaves Cash Money, Tells Ozone Magazine "It's Official"

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Aug 17 - Mannie Fresh Leaves Cash Money, Tells Ozone Magazine "It's Official"

After serving as Cash Money's exclusive producer for years, Mannie Fresh has revealed to Ozone Magazine that he has left the label.

Following Juvenile, B.G. and Turk, the go-to Cash Money beatmaker Mannie Fresh has left the imprint. Yet, unlike the aforementioned artists, Mannie contends that he's leaving on good terms.

"It's official that I'm not with them [Cash Money] no more, but I'm doing my own thing," Mannie told Ozone Magazine. "It ain't a situation where we gonna be name-calling and going back and forth. It's just me maturing. It's time for me to do me. It's no bad blood."

Mannie, B.G., Turk and Wayne also confirmed that they were working on a Hot Boys reunion. However, according to most members, the project isn't likely to be released on Cash Money.

"There's four different people, so there's negotiations from four different angles. I'm ready to do it if they're ready to do it. It's easy for us four to get in the room and agree to do it, but since pretty much everybody is signed with a different record company, we've got to work that out first. But Baby don't have no say-so. That's part of the deal," Mannie revealed. "Everybody wants to do it, but they fact is, they don't want [Baby] him involved. That's how the whole thing came to be. They asked me if I wanted to do it, and since three of the four Hot Boys don't want Baby to have no part of the project, that's the way it's gotta happen."

However, Weezie told Ozone, "Maybe we will do a reunion album. That's what I heard, but the boss [Baby] gotta agree on that first. They could say he's greedy or whatever, but the boss still gotta agree on that for me to do anything," Wayne stated. "I could say I agree and I wanna do it, but still, if he don't agree, I can't do it. And I'm the President of Cash Money Records now, so it'll have to be released under Cash Money. Baby would have to sign off on it cause he gonna have to get his too."

 http://www.sohh.com/thewi .. contentID=7433

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