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Az - A.w.o.l. (2005)

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 18 years ago '05        #1
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watthafuc  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x1
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icon Az - A.w.o.l. (2005)

1 So Sincere (Prod. By Heatmakerz) - 4.5/5: classic Heatmakers beat with flawless lyrics.. the Don Cheadle ref is whoa

2 Omega (Prod. By Tone Mason) - 5/5: Tone Mason.. laced a dope a$s soul beat... AZ ki1led it of course

3 The Come Up (Prod. By DJ Premier) - 5/5: One of the greatest beats released THIS year.. AZ's content and flow over this is bar none

4 Magic Hour (Feat. CL Smooth) (Prod. By Tone Mason) - 5/5: Another dope a$s soul beat.. with ill cuts.. AZ on point yet again and C.L. Smooth ki1led it

5 Never Change (Prod. By Heatmakerz) - 5/5: Another classic Heatmakers beat.. samples "Sweet Home Alabama" flawlessly

6 Still Alive (Prod. By Vinny Idol) - 4/5: Club banger.. thats actually a club banger... sounds kinda futureistic.. but AZ flow over this is ill

7 AZ's Chillin (Prod. By Fizzy Womack) - 3/5: I really dont like this beat at all.. sh!t sounds disgust.. but AZ ki1ls it

8 Envious (Feat. Bounty ki1ler) (Prod. By Moss) - 3/5: wtf is Bounty ki1ler doing on this? sounds kind of out of place.. "if you sip get ya piff on" :laugh:

9 Can't Stop Won't Stop (Prod. By Frado) - 4.5/5: who the fukk is Frado and why havnt i heard of him before?

10 New York (Feat. Ghostface & Raekwon) (Prod. By Emile) - 5/5Yeah.. this sh!ts def an anthem.. dope as fukk Rae ki1led it

11 Live Wire (Prod. By Buckwild) - 3.5/5: Not really feelin it.. AZ on some ki1lin people sh1t... kinda blah to me

12 The Truth (Prod. By DJ Absolut & Young Calvin) - 5/5: Back with them soul beats.. fire

13 City Of Gods (Prod. By Disco D) - 4/5: Dope ref toa dope movie.. and the beat is mad chill..

OVERALL: 4.5/5... Although there are 2 songs I'm really not feeling.. I think they will grow on me... and everything else is just fire

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