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Hip Hop facts and events most ya'll don't know about

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 10 months ago '22        #1926
GRADY BABEE  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x7
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Kool G Rap left New York for Arizona

Superhead noted that she met G rap in Arizona as a stripper

They developed a relationship but
Says he was very evasive as to why he left New York to come to Arizona

The truth of the matter G rap was running from an alledged pursuit by NYC drug dealer Supreme Magnetic who accused him of snitching on him

 10 months ago '14        #1927
Pilscy  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x1
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I don’t know how active this thread is but I enjoyed reading the first few pages. I was a youngin 2005/2007 so seeing some of this sh1t is gold

I’ll drop a few I know from this era, some may well known facts

- diddy sent drake the 0 to 100 beat. Drake was suppose to ghost write but ended up taking the beat for himself. This resulted in diddy slapping drake

- Gucci mane was actually a fan of jeezy before the “so icey” track. It was Guccis song and zaytoven brought jeezy to feature on it. The song blew more than they expected and jeezy wanted to use the track for his album. This resulted in issues on who owned the track and resulted in their beef. Later on Gucci went to ki1l pookie loc, an associate of jeezy after a failed robbery. Jeezy put a bounty on Gucci Bart Simpson chain. Gucci went on to diss and brag about that body for years. The song the truth was one of the most nastier diss songs ever.

- fredo santana threatened to ki1l one of the Migos if they kept fu#king with keef.

- Soulja boy and Migos had beef at one point. Both of them released dissed tracks

- Versace was actually soulja boys beat but it was a free beat zaytoven gave him more than likely because he couldn’t pursue any legal action. Search soulja boy “omg pt 2”

- waka and Gucci fell out for money and because Gucci didn’t respect deb (waka mom) because she did bad business. Gucci also adopted that personality and couldn’t do good business

- future wrote Beyoncés “drunk in love” and also had a reference track.

- gunplay from triple Cs (Rick Ross) got his a$s beat from gunit during the Ross and 50 beef.

- during the 50 cent Ross beef, khaled got caught in the cross fire and this resulted in 50 going to khaleds mom job and making a video to show how accessible khaled was.

- ralo was a kingpin and got himself caught thru a dj vlad interview. He basically incriminated himself the whole interview and then the Rico case came for him.

- fetty wap started moving heavy weight after his career started to fall off. He got busted and is now facing serious time.

- (rumored) lil Wayne came to the Bahamas one time and didn’t know Bahamians are some of the most non-star struck people in the world. He dissed the crowd and dudes tried to pull him off the stage to pack him. He never came back to the Bahamas since.

- waka flocka is one of the only rappers who actually walked thru the hood in Nassau with minimum security and not get touched. Most rappers get robbed. He went to some of the grimey spots and shot a video for “grind stunt go hard”

- snoop dogg artist jooba loc got arrested after doing smash and grabs.

- yg and drakeo had real street beef stemming from years of murder and disses. Drakeo kept dissing Red Bull and then the whole Inglewood. He also dissed and mocked YG getting shot in the ass. Drake got stabbed at “once upon a time in LA” concert. He was outnumbered. His brother ralfy the plug and the family is now suing live nation for lack of security

- offset was locked up when migos first came out. At first a lot of people didn’t know it was 3 migos.

- Kodak black walked out of an interview with Ebro and Rosenberg on hot 97 after they asked him about s3xual assault allegations. They tried to change the topic after wards and Kodak asked them “what the fu#k y’all talking bout” … this resulted in Ebro becoming tense and then Kodak asked to change the topic or he would leave. They didn’t so he left.

- young thug was the one to get lil baby out the streets. Lil baby already already had money but he refused to stay out the streets. Young thug paid him to get out the streets.

- young thug and lucci beef stems from a murder of big nut. Big nut put on lucci and thug people was responsible.

- drake fu#ked lil Wayne girl when he went away to rikers

- suge knight is in jail because he ran over a Compton businessman while pulling up to the set of the Nwa movie. He tried to run over bone, a longtime rival band drove over terry carter as well. He’s serving 28 years,

- benzino got caught at a red roof in with his boyfriend that he was trying to cover up but I’m the video you can tell they were sissying around.

- future took a while to get over Ciara, after their break up his style became more emotional and in his videos he got women that resembled ciara

- Kendrick Lamar actually has a lot of blood affiliates and grew up in a blood hood but doesn’t gangbang. Search noisey bumpton

- TDE was the only successful label after deathrow to have bloods and crips on the label.

- Isaiah Rashad pretended to be straight his whole career until a video leaked of him giving a dude top on video

- Bobby shmurda “hot n1gga” was just the cherry on top. The feds was investigating Gs9 for years before he came out and spilled all the tea over a track.

- french Montana, had old cocaine city dvds with 50 cent. These two shared a beef but squashed it. They were beefing mainly because 50 never respected diddy and anyone associated got hit too

 9 months ago '04        #1928
marcchrome  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x2
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As far as cypress hill b real is half Mexican and half Cuban, Muggs was born Italian American and was adopted by a Norwegian family… Only Sen Dog is full Cuban and his brother was Mellow Man Ace from Miami… not sure who told you other wise…

Last edited by marcchrome; 03-16-2023 at 03:51 AM..

 5 months ago '21        #1929
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Jadakiss was supposed go have fan cant deny it beat and "jigga" beat by swizz pots and pans beat creating a$s lmao. Just kidding but serious

 5 months ago '13        #1930
uoeno  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x21
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 4 months ago '13        #1931
Commission  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x1
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