kg trade update/ Wolves And Suns Have Talked Trade

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kg trade update/ Wolves And Suns Have Talked Trade

paperwork on trade to phx started yesterday mourning...also addidas and nba are upset about this cuz kg was supposed to be the big draw when the twolves go over seas to play some pre season games next season...

***********aight got some more info and was able to answer some questions about why this is takin so long to go public.**************

ill start from the top
-friday june 15
friday night kg is notified of a preleminary trade agreement with phx for stoudamire and phx pick from atl and is asked if he will waive his opt out clause which he agrees to do
-mon jun 18th
kg agent speaks with phx to confirm details and to express his clients' willingness to play there
-tues june 19th
in the mounring paperwork on trade to phx for amare starts..phx however is trying to change deal to involve boston. so that they would send marion and thier picks to boston and boston would send the twolves all them players and their pick.
this is halted because marion whos contract expires next year tells boston he doesnt want to play for them and wont past next season
-wednesday jun 20th
unknown to kg, kevin mchale and danny ainge work out a deal not involving phx. late wednesday night kg's agent gets wind of deal which infuriates kg being that he never told the wolves he would go to boston and doesnt like mchale telling him hes goin to phx and then goin behind his back to make a deal wit boston.
thursday jun21th
kg tell media he doesnt want to go to boston which nix's this deal cuz boston wont take him unless waives his opt out clause.

now phx has agreed to give wolves amare but they have asked for time to try involve another team to get the wolves a better package (like the one boston was gonna give)
this is because phx would like to get something for marion who they konw that wont be resigning next year

which means that the suns are trying to find a team marion would be willing to sign to long term to who will agrre to send the twolves players and picks. They have untill the draft to do this and if they dont find a team they will send the wolves amare..

basically kg is goin to phx for amare unless phx can find another team to get rid of marion so they dont have to give up amare.

now as far as why kg wants to go to phx over boston is that 1 he and nash are mad cool and he thinks he can win a championship there...secondly kg doesnt want to play in in large market like boston or l.a. he doesnt want to have to deal with all the media like that and prefers phoenix smaller market feel ...similar to mn.

this is all fact!
let the hate begin

******update********sun jun 24th
just talked to my source...no really big new info...they reiterated that the suns will send amare to mn b4 the draft unless they can get a third team involved with marion..but bottom line kg is def goin to the suns its just amatter of what the wolves will get back....only thing new they said is that glen taylor is goin on his honey moon on tues to china and though they thought the timing was wierd it him leaving wont throw a wrench in the deal.......reporting live from behind closed doors via ip, twondog22, your bx senior sports insider correspondent.........

lmao...that last line was for the haters

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