Jun 6 - I Love New York HIV Positive?

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Jun 6 - I Love New York HIV Positive?

I Love New York

The twice rejected Flavorette Tiffany "New York" Pollard has her own quest
to find her true love in a pool of 20 men. The show features Mauricio Sanchez as
"Chamo," New York's a*sistant and Michelle Patterson, Pollard's mother. The
winner of the show, Patrick "Tango" Hunter proposed to New York after she
selected him to be her true love. After the show was over, extra footage
revealed the scene in which New York's mother found out he proposed to New York
(who hid the engagement ring in her mouth). During the reunion episode, Tango
revealed to New York that he couldn't get married to New York because of the
remarks she made of him and his mother, and that he wanted to marry Tiffany, the
woman he fell in love with. Therefore, he broke off his engagement to her. She
then cursed him out, calling him a stupid ninja turtle and other insults. New
York also said she didn't care that Tango broke the engagement off and it would
not break her down. The series first aired Monday, January 8, 2007 and the
Season 1 finale (Reunion Special), aired April 15, 2007.

The second season is currently in the casting process with the help from
fans of the show. They will choose 5 of the new 20 bachelors by voting for their
favorites on its official website. All the contestants are now being forced to
use condoms, since Tiffany was tested as HIV positive. This new round will
feature only HIV positive men or men willing to risk the chance of becoming HIV
positive. This season, the show was sponsored by Trojan Condoms.


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