How to spot a fake SITE. (post site checks here if not sure)

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How to spot a fake SITE. (post site checks here if not sure)

since there's already a thread about how to spot a fake product, and since there's at least one 'is this site legit?' thread a week, i'm making this thread showing how to tell if the site your on is selling authentic sneakers

first, look at the stock

was the shoe limited? did it only come out in a few places? did it come out 3 years ago?

if any of those things are true, and the site you're on has a full size run of the sneaker (8-13 or something similar) then it's probably fake..

there's almost no way that everyone is looking everywhere for a certain sneaker, FootLocker and FinishLine sold out, but somehow a mom-and-pop website managed to re-up on them.

second, look at the colorways

this is what usually gives the site away if it doesn't have prices posted on the front page

site has Astro Boy Dunks? Red/Blue Yeezys? Lime Green/Silver 11s?

if it wasn't widely released and wasn't a friends and family / PE / Teir 0 release then it's not authentic

if you're unsure about the colorways of sneakers that have been released, you can usually google the shoe and find somewhere like KicksOnFire or SoleCollector or NikeTalk that will give you a list of the colorways that sneaker has been released in

third, look at the price

this is probably the easiest way to tell

does the site have the same price on all their kicks? What The Dunks the same price as Chrome Ball Lows? Space Jam 11s the same price as West Coast 20s?

almost every fake site i go to has the same price on all the respective styles of sneaker

all their Dunks are the same price, all their SBs are the same price, all their Jordans are the same price....

think of it like this, if you went into an electronics store and they had a 19" TV for $150, you'd not think twice, until you saw their 22" TV was the same price, and so were their 26" and 32" and 37" and 42" and 60"

if you go to a site and everything is exactly the same price, it's almost always fake

every fake site i've ever been to follows all three of these guidelines

they have full size runs of limited sneakers, they have colorways that were never made, and their prices are way too low

of course, you'll find that certain site that has great prices on legit sneakers, or that's forgotten about a crate in the back so they have a full size run of some legit sneakers

but chances are if the site you're on violates all three of these conditions, it's fake, so you can stop posting threads about it.

ADDED 26 March: If the site sells any kind of sneaker / high heel fusion, it's not legit. Whether it's Jordans, Dunks, Forces, Lebrons; they're all fake. Don't buy from that site.

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