How long do you spend on your phone?


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 dinono10 said
As the new year is approaching, I really want to withdraw my usage of my mobile phone. Obviously I use it for messaging, phone calls, and the internet. Browsing the internet and looking at YouTube takes up most of my mobile phone time. I think I'm addicted as I cannot even watch TV without going on my phone all the time. I've now installed an app which blocks some of my most used apps at times so I can reduce my usage.

All of my music and my fitness / eating data is tracked on my phone so that also encourages the use. But I do want to reduce the time spent.

How long do you go on your phone for and do you have any tips to reduce time spent on it ?
idk lol it depends, everything I could do on my phone I do on a larger screen on my laptop. If I'm super bored or waiting for an event I would say longer than normal but for the most part 15 minutes every hour. IG takes the most of my time, however to limit your time just don't use it lol try to watch how long you use it and then start to limit yourself from using it.

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some of those tactics are extreme (deleting everything) but to

each his own.... like with everything else, its all about moderation. Like

someone else said, some days I'll turn off my notifications (fb messenger,

snap, whatsapp) and just have my regular phone messages on for important

stuff... ( I keep ig, facebook, groupme notifications off regardless) . When you

aren't constantly on your phone, you'll be surprised how clearer you think and

how much more you get done

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