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very few mention this, but it is heavly rummored that dr.dre is in fact gay, and 2pac made a lot of refrences to this on his songs: like on "against all odds" he says "This little n*gga named Nas thinks he live like me
Talkin bout how he left the hospital took five like me
You living fanatasies, n*gga I reject your deposit
WE SHOOK DRE'S PUNK a*s, SO WE OUTTA THE CLOSET" and on " toss it up" he said "Still down for that death Row sound, searchin for paydays
No longer Dre Day, Blown and forgotten, rotten for plottin Child's Play
Check your s*xuality, as fruity as this Alize"

Many rappers have had problems up in bridgeport ct, like: Cuban Link and Fat Joe both got thier chains robbed, so did rev. run.

ll cool j got smacked around by some people while there

some things have happened to fabulous 2

all these events r mention in the local song "im from bridgeport,bridgeport" by devious dollars which uses the beat from Ja rules "new york, new york"