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 WarriorKing said
Chuck said Mike need more than yes men around and Mike didn’t like that.

How is that clown behavior? Either you dk what you’re talking about or you’re flat out lying. Either way STFU
Charles Barkley crossed the line. He not only insulted Michael Jordan publicly but he also insulted Jordan's older brothers and his long time friends Buzz Peterson and Fred Whitfield.

Michael Jordan is very loyal to the people he cares about and you can't insult someone's family and friends and expect it to be all good. Jordan doesn't need C*on Barkley in his life.

Charles Barkley is a cross dressing bi*ch a*s C*on n*gga.

Charles Barkley has always talked sh*t about Jordan to the media like on the Oprah Winfrey show telling everyone about Jordan refusing to give money to a homeless person.

Why bring that up publicly? Barkley wanted to embarrass Jordan on national TV.

Barkley talks a lot of sh*t about Jordan to white people on podcasts and talk shows. Barkley doesn't know how to stay on code.

MJ spent his first few years undoing what Bob Johnson did and rebuilding business relationships in Charlotte. He was following up a guy who legit named the team after himself and that had alienated the entire state. If it weren't for Jordan, the team would've been moved for being a straight up financial disaster.

Chuck being a cross dressing C*on throwing shots on national TV when Jordan was out here writing the book on how to go from player to owner. Jordan is a pioneer and trailblazer.

Barkley was using Jordan for attention and clout and tap dancing for rating cost and it cost him a friendship with the GOAT Michael Jordan.

Charles Barkley is a cross dressing C*on who was on national TV seeking white nationalist Richard Spencer's acceptance and validation.

The bottom line is Charles Barkley is an attention seeking clown.

Kowtowing and pandering to any and everyone for attention.

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