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 raplegend1 said
how the fu*k yaw are clowning irv gotti.

when other people are admitting everything he said to be true.

looks like irv gotti was telling the truth.

But I think it's mostly with IRV delivery that people don't like

He comes off super dramatic and has people he just loves to hear himself talk and over embellish

But IRV has yet to tell any lies from what I have heard

Like even the Asahani s*x story ..

Is validated by the FBI wiretaps of him..Chris Gotti and Supreme

Irv doesn't cap


he said decades ago in a VH1 Behind the music special about Jay Z

That Jay and Dame was questioning him about how to get Def jam to promote them on the radio

He simply told Jay..."y'all n*ggas just need to take a big bag of MONEY and THROW IT ON LYOR AND KEVIN 'S desk"

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