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 Thegreatiandi said
Lol .. I'm not f*ghting with you bro, lol....just messing with you. My only issue with Speakman is that you get the feeling in his films that the guys he's f*ghting and beating up really should be kicking his a*s.

Once you bust out the escrima sticks, I guess you should be winning the f*ght. All of that spinning around with backfists and stuff I've always felt was Goofy and will get you murdered. This is coming from someone who is a practitioner so, that's where my issue comes in with Jeff.

But I'm a fan though, man.
Shiit, that's more Segal arrogant a*s and I still like certain flicks he's done (Out For Justice, Marked For death, Und Siege 1+2) ..A lot of close fam of mine trained in the Army (Muy Thai, Shotokan, Boxing, Jujitsu) so everytime we'd watch any martial arts joint new or ol' skool I loved seeing what they loved and then breakin down what would happen in a real f*ght

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