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 justin747 said
Depends on what you want. It's not always that simple where one time of the year has the best deals.

Game systems are Christmas and Black Friday, but just order that online

Clothes are random

TVs are right before the new models drop. (can't remember when)

If you want proof, look at the TV models available for Black Friday. Google search the model numbers. Chances are you can find that TV somehwere else for near the same price, or it's a sh*tty "one off" model that's only sold on BF

The last thing I bought on BF was a 32 inch Phillips like 10 years ago. I fought traffic and crowds to get it for like $300 instead of the regular $600. If I had waited, I could avoided all those crowds and got it for like $325 a week or two later.
Wow good looks, I don’t really shop like that outside of home necessities but this year I’m getting out of my comfort zone. Trying to get a new TV & game system this year so I’ll wait for Christmas time. I got my eyes on a Samsung qled so I’m just eyeballing the prices and being patient.

Thanks man.