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I don't understand why every brags about cutting cable/Satellite tv. These companies also own the internet services and those prices have been steadily increasing as well, have they not?

Internet is the obvious choice over cable for the future and by the time everyone makes the switch to "cord cutters" ... internet prices will be just as outrageous as cable. The excuse so far is that with the popularity of live streaming services like directv now and playstation vue, the reason for the increase in price is due to them trying to provide a "better service" but yet I had no problem playing directv now on my phone but every since the switch to att now the app doesn't work. them bi*ches is just money hungry and sooner or later the live streaming app will be well over a $100 and then you'll be paying over $100 for the internet... also a internet where they want to put a cap on how much you can stream a month... as if they have to dig more internet out of the ground like oil. I can't imagine the price to provide vs the price they charge as I'm sure the percentage gained off profits would almost seem like a fairy tail...