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Before you plan on buying a firestick or using one, find a disposable usb drive to connect to your router to store all video cache and thumbnails over network. And modify the advanced xml file for buffering.

Skins on firestick makes it laggy and take up storage space. Also sideload a file manager so you can go in and manually delete some cache files when space get low from watching movies or tv shows.

If you dont have a usb or usb on router, you will routinely have to delete cache files every couple of days to free up storage space.

Edit: if you router brodcasts two frequencies(2.4 and 5ghz) then connect to the 5ghz since 2.4 tends to be a more crowded frequency. Issue with 5ghz is that it doesnt have a wider range as 2.4 so get somewhat close to the router unless you have repeaters

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