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 PCP MC said
^ I got the whole sodomy thing straight from an interview with Bizzy, I think an Allhiphop interview, where he even stated he felt hurt cause Lay or Wish (again can't remember exactly which but I think it was Layzie) was making fun of him and he said something like "I got sodomized that's no joke, nothing to make fun of"..tried to find it but I can't. I'll admit I could be wrong (I hope I am that sh*t is heinous)
Word?^^ Thats straight then, and thanks for not taking it personal. Im glad you seen where I was coming from with it all. I heard from the last time he was on AMW when he did that freestyle that what I posted is what happened. But Im sure the AllHipHop interview is a lot newer and maybe hes come out and opened up with more of what happened. But, I am in the same boat as you whereas I hope we are both wrong. NONE of anything either of us said should have happened. But if it did, much respect to Bizzy for doing what he does. But yeah man, much respect to you as well for being real with everything and taking it how it was meant to be taken. I admit that I am probably wrong with the whole situation, maybe I closed myself off to it. But I see where Bizzy is coming from right now thats also important. So, much props to both you and Bizzy.. Good convo man, enlightening..