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 Skilllz said
Boy sound like he trippin’ on acid

I guess some people are more sensitive to the paranormal than others

I sometimes wish for some esoteric abilities, but that sh*t must suck, too. When ya can't turn that sh*t off.

I ain't religious at all, but I fully believe homie, though. There's some demonic energies at work on this plane no doubt.

I done seen a lot of evil in this life on this earth that has pushed me closer to the "god" "light" side, but that's strictly off intuition. Never actually "seen" any paranormal sh*t, but I felt vibes.
The pastor at the church I used to go to when I was a kid used to be doing some crazy a*s sh*t at church. This n*gga used to walk on them flimsy a*s metal and plastic chairs, but not on the a*s part but the back part and them sh*ts would not fall over

seen this n*gga kamehameha half the church and made them fall, even the kids and sh*t

I ran to the bathroom like that n*gga aint bout to hit me with that sh*t lol