Thread: Video in this thread I Am Jesus Christ coming out soon
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 RelGthe0ry said
Honestly, apart of me is a little angry at the possibility of this NOT being handled with care and potentially being blasphemous(very thin line already) overall.

Not to metion, most gamers in general are scorned litte atheistic weirdos, who will surely fill every comment section concerning it with their usual BS.

And last of all, allowing Christ Centric games begins to open doors for it be the Norm to use Him; and GOD forbid ppl would become comfortable enough to include him in some big AAA epic; like a god of war game to be harmed in any way whatsoever.

But on the other hand--im very intrigued. I need to know about who's behind it; because if their sincere in their approach with it and the journey showed is Biblically Sound--this could be something very special.
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