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this thread been up for a hot minute and i'm doing chapters now and sh*t now alright round three is on me.......
(1)Big pun(R.I.P)who used to go by big moon dog punisher was rich before he signed a deal.pun who used to be a slim(for him anyways)250 lbs was awarded settlement money against the city of new york for a lawsuit where he suffered an accident on a playground and suffered severe damage to his leg.He had the case pending since he was a child and at 19 was awarded an estimated half a million dollars.That also led to his passing though as pun swelled up in his later years from heavy eating and living the fast life and he was known in the bx for having some cake(as in money)
(2)trick daddy is one of 27(yeah you heard right) children between his mother and father.his momma has 11 children with 10 different men and his father has 16 with a whole bunch of women (damn son that child support must be a muhf*cka on his pockets)
(3)quick facts about havoc of mobb deep-his brother k*lla black comitted suicide in 96.He was a legend in the bridge and one of the main reasons hav could still to this day roll up there dolo with little drama but p is another story....he never ever goes back to 40th or 41st without hav or tragedy khadify(havoc's cousin-yup)because p has gotten into numerous beefs around there over the years and has a rep for running his mouth way too much(why am i not surprised):rolleyes: cormega,littles,iman thug and mussilini from nore's camp have all had scraps with him as well as horse from bravehearts with hav being the dude to have squashed all of them......
(4)O.C trivia-What was his first appearance ever?you gonna have to go back to 91 and look at organized konfusion's(pharoh monch and prince po) fudge pudge your research and holla back....
(5)bumpy knuckles aka freddie foxx and noreaga had some beef back in the day.bumpy called him out on a joint from industry shakedown where he had said "im sick and tired of these rappers saying whut whut"(remember nore after superthug was yelling that on every joint he was on?)nore stepped to him with murder unit(capone was still locked up)and bumpy got real heated and told him"what the f*ck you gonna do about it?matter of fact say that sh*t on a record again and see if i won't come and see you muhf*cka"...nore walked away and tell me if anybody has heard nore in the last 5 years utter one whut whut on any record bumpy knuckles is a g fam....real talk
(6) Hov and Busta(and B.I.G as well) all attended the same high school in fact they battled and hov served him...jay was a senior and busta was a freshman
(7)Busta also lost his first son(R.I.P)He was born stillborn and the tat on his right arm is the name he gave his unborn son...
(8)Ready for JIM JONES real name.........agurmella jones why is that funny?just is...
(9)tupac facts:
Tupac was banned from playing in many states because his concerts were wild. His song Initiated on the Daz CD says "My lyrics so lethal turn coliseums to murder scenes." He was sued by a woman who was shot and paralyzed at a concert he held in 1993. She said he got the crowd to rowdy.

Tupac was married to Keisha Morris but the marriage was nullified. In the unreleased song "Ghetto Star" with Bad Azz he says "an addict for a wife, livin the life, of a ghetto star". She has a Tupac tattoo on her arm.

Stretch was Tupac's friend and was there when Pac got shot the first time. He was later k*lled exactly 1 year to the date of that shooting. Pac says "and to that n*gga that was down for me, rest his head, switched sides guess his new friends wanted him dead."

Little Known Facts About Tupac's Music:

Tupacs first appearance ever was on Digital Underground's Same Song where he raps wearing West African war clothes in the video.

Tupac started his career on Tommy Boy Records with Digital Underground.

Tupac wrote his hit song "Dear Mama" while in prison.

Tupac was first inspired to rap when a friend of his was k*lled while he was playing with a gun. His first rap was about gun control.

"I Get Around" was supposed to be on Digital Underground's album. Shock G wound up giving it to Pac and Digital Underground's label, Tommy Boy, wasn't very happy once it turned out to be such a big hit.

"Thug Luv" was just a song that Bizzy, Silk-E-Fine and Tupac were supposed to do but things happened and all of Bone Thugs -n- Harmony came in. Bizzy Bone that Pac came into the studio, wrote his verse in about 10 minutes and then left because he had to go model for Versace. Then he came back and sang with them all laid back.

Tupac had s*x with almost all the women during the filming of the X-rated "How Do U Want It?" video. He collapsed from exhaustion.

According to K-Ci and Jojo the video for "Toss It Up" was shot the day before Tupac was shot.

The video for "I Wonder If Heaven Got A Ghetto" was filmed in New Mexico.

Hail Mary is I Ain't Mad At Cha Part 2

To Live & Die In L.A. is California Love Part 2

Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z... was supposed to be called Troublesome 21.

"Flex" was supposed to be on Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z... , but didn't make it.

Lost Souls" by Tupac featuring the Outlawz was recorded on July 8, 1996.

"Me And My Girlfriend" is about his gun, not his girlfriend

Hit Em Up 2 is really the original Hit Em Up. And the track we knows as Hit Em Up (the one on the Greatest Hits Album) is really Hit Em Up 2. Hit Em Up 2 (as we call it ) was recorded first.

and that's it for now y'all.............1