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some more stuff. some of you may know a lot of this already

- B.G. has been a heroin addict for years. during a Source interview they were saying he would fall asleep in the middle of talking and they could barely understand him.
- Yella Boy of UNLV made a song "Drag'em in the River" dissing Mystikal because he was on a rival Big Boy Records. Later, Yella Boy was k*lled.
- It was rumored that Yella Boy was k*lled by Tec-9 of UNLV
- UNLV and B.G. recently recorded "Drag'em 2" which disses Birdman and Slim
- Fiend and KLC were also on Big Boy records
- Mystikal's sister was k*lled by an ex-boyfriend and this is what the songs "murderer 2" and "murderer 3" are about
- The beat to "Drag'em In the River" is what made Juvenile join Cash Money. Juvenile said Mannie Fresh was the only reason he joined. Mannie later uses the same beat on "Set It Off"
- Mannie Fresh has produced over 5,000 songs
- B.G. & Mac did a song together called "n*ggas N Trouble" before Mac signed to No Limit
- When Soulja Slim got out of jail, Master P wanted him to go at Cash Money but he refused because him and B.G. go way back and he eventually left the label.
- "The Chronic" was rumored to be actually produced by Daz, Sam Sneed, and Big Hutch instead of Dre.
- Sam Sneed survived brain cancer.
- 2Pac had beef with Snoop & Dre before he died.
- 2Pac was working on the One Nation Compilation before he died which was supposed to unite East and West Coast artists. Some artists to be on it were Smif -n Wessun, Bukshot, Outlawz, Scarface, Spice 1, E-40, Redman, Dogg Pound, Method Man, Luniz, Richie Rich and some others.
- Kurupt was originally in "Still Ballin'" but his verse was replaced by an added Trick Daddy verse.
- Spice 1 is said to be someone never to fu*k with.
- E-40 invented a LOT of hip-hop slang. Snoop took the "fo shizzle my nizzle" from him as a matter of fact. Snoop gets no love in the Bay Area because of this.
- C-Bo violated probation because his album "Til My Casket Drops" contained violent lyrics and he was locked up for it.
- After "Bling Bling", Master P and Mr. Magic had a song called "Ice On My Wrist". In the song Master P says "Bling Bling" but they edited it out of the video.
- C-murder disses Juvenile and Mystikal on a hidden track off of his "Tru Dawgs" Compilation.
- No Limit created a group called "Tank Dawgs" with C-murder, Fiend, Mac, & Snoop Dogg. The album never happened but they may have recorded some tracks.
- Bone Thugs -n- Harmony bought a one-way ticket to L.A. to meet Eazy E
- Flesh -n- Bone stayed in Cleveland to play basketball and followed later. He didn't get the same contract however and signed to Def Jam.
- Flesh and Layzie are brothers.
- Bizzy Bone was a foster child adopted by Layzie's family
- Bizzy Bone and his little sister were kidnapped by their step-father when they were younger.
- Bizzy Bone is from Columbus, not Cleveland.
- Krayzie Bone was a Jehova's Witness.
- Layzie Bone supposedly fu*ked up one of the member of Do Or Die.
- Eazy E's wife also called Black Widow took over for Ruthless when he died. she supposedly doesn't pay Bone any money. Bizzy and Krayzie have dissed her on songs. Bizzy has dissed her a lot.
- Bizzy's "Heaven'z Movie" was edited a lot by Black Widow. This is why some songs are really short and one song even cuts off when a verse is beginning.
- Some say that Eazy E actually fu*ked over Bone in their deal. At the beginning of "Schizophrenic", Bizzy Bone can be heard in the backround saying that someone owe him a lot of money if you listen carefully.