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 FCWGM said
What type of n*gga disregards some advice/information strictly on the appearance of the messenger…

Y’all n*ggas weird
I’ve been with enough chicks to pick up on game. I’ve seen enough posts from you to know,you know when a chick is just saying it and not living it.

I’m not gonna project on her.
Many chicks nowadays with a kid, with no one wifing. Find a new hook and reel with saying “the right words” on social media.

The real is many chicks that feel that way and are truly about it... aren’t on social media to spread the message. A lot of men aren’t willing to have their wife broadcasting to the wold on social media. So they stay quiet.

As much as I talk sh*t on here. I know. My chick means that sh*t. And she’s against people looking into her life on anything.