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Three 6 Mafia

Crunchy Black can't read. He's ignorant, litterally thats why he spits such simple much "Yeah I rob.. Yeah I steal.. Yeah i'll put yo body in a field".. You ain't gotta be a 3-6 Fan 2 know that by heart. Watch da Koopsta Youtube video to peep game..

Gangsta Boo left 3-6 Cause she got saved and wasn't getting paid. But also cause DJ Paul & her were involved, & he cut her off his money (cars, mansions). && She wasn't getting paid none of her money so she left. He was also abusive towards her.

Gangsta Boo didn't want La Chat in HCP. She wanted 2 be the only female. Thats the reason they were never cool.

Three 6 had beef w/ Bone back in the day, but they squashed it now.

Juicy J ate a girl named Jessica out on her period in front of the whole HCPosse back in the day.

Lord Infamous ain't w/ Three 6 cause of drug/legal problems. But got a label now.

Koopsta Knicca wasn't on When the smoke Clears 66:61 cover or in da booklet. Even though this was a year before he left & He was on the album.

Some ex members albums were just old verses/unrealesed sh*t put on old beats/cheap beats to meet up with the "Coming soon" standards. Crunchy & T Rock are the most popular victims. La chat accused them of doing that for an album of hers that came out "Ultimate Revenge". She even says thats not even her on the cover.

Koopsta Knicca is/was incarcerated.

Gangsta Boo's lil brother Lil' E or "E Gutta" is locked up for robbing somebody.

La Chat was on Da unbreakables but she left right before it dropped so they took all her verses off. Lil Wyte & her were supposed 2 be on "Ridin Spinners", her and Lil Wyte were going back and fourth, so they took them off and put Flip on there.

T Rock said Three 6 brung a light skin dude out to spit his rhymes @ Shows after he left the camp.

Gangsta Boo's ex Fiance robbed her, of all her plaques, jewerly, clothes etc back in 2003. She got them back though.

Three 6 Mafia were pointed at as devil worshippers.. but cleared it up now. Even though they clearly make satanic references on past albums.

DJ Paul's arm is small because of cerebral pulsy (sp?). He wears that cast to draw attention away from it. It's unknown if he can use it or not.. but he doesn't have any tattoos on that arm in contrast to him being tatted all over his chest/stomach/back/other arm.

Juicy J got his name off a Juicy Fruit rapper he saw on the floor a while back. Juicy.. "J" for Jordan.

Project Pat & Juicy are brothers. DJ Paul & Lord Infamous are half brothers.

Lil Wyte was in a group of dead nice rappers before being signed 2 HCP.

Most of the rappers in the click had HCP tats... Chrome (arm), Wyte (Arm), DJ Paul (back), Gangsta Boo (thigh).. Chrome & Boo aren't with the camp anymore and still have their tats. Boo was with them for over 10 years, Chrome was with them for meerly a few and got his tats most likely months after he was signed.

When they were younger, they got into it with some dudes around the way.. Crunchy got dropped on his neck and Boo ran to call Koop to come help them. Koopsta explains this in his popular Youtube video.

Crunchy gave Gangsta Boo her first gun when she was 15, and taught her how to use it. -- Source Post HCP-song.

Yo Gotti claims 2 be the king of Memphis and has dissed 3-6 on mixtapes.

Alotta Memphis rappers were in HCP first before they got big.

Juice & Paul were rivals before they were partners.

Gangsta Boo is openly Bi-s*xual and makes references to female/male s*x on everything from her Debut album to her Post album. Her Myspace Orientation says "Unsure".

Alot of people confuse HCP for being Three 6 Mafia. Three 6 Mafia were only 6 members.. HCP was everybody else (includ. 3-6).

La Chat signs 2 people who have beef w/ HCP. First Kinfolk/Nakia Shine now Yo Gotti.

DJ Paul & Juicy J both have huge amounts of underground tapes. For Da Summa Vol 16. & Chronicles of the Juice Manne are the most popular because of national releases.

DJ Paul & Juicy J have been promising a duet album "Cashing Checks" for years.. And still are.

Three 6 subliminally dissed Gangsta Boo on "You Scared Pt 2". She threatened to tell secrets of theirs on a response song... They haven't taken any shots that were as obvious or personal since. They also have exchanged disses with Koop and most famously T Rock. Gangsta Boo dissed La Chat on her song "Scared". And her song "Jacked My style" threatening to beat her a*s. She also dissed her on her song "Gangsta Walk" later that year. Three 6's intro to "Da Unbreakables" was a news cast saying "The bodies of Three well known rappers formerly employed by Hypnotized Minds are still missing, if you have any leads please call 528-Cash". The three bodies are most likely Gangsta Boo, T Rock, Koopsta Knicca or La Chat.

After Crunchy left the camp.. Three 6 promoted Project Pat as his replacement. But this seems to be untrue, Chamillionaire is on their first single to "Da Las 2 Walk" & they have a big roster of features set up most likely for filler.

Many Ex members claim Paul & Juicy take peoples ideas and use them as they please.. robbing alot of the artists of creative space.

T Rock's HCP Chain is blurred out on his "4:20/Rock Solid" album even though it was produced and put out by HCP.

Some white boys on Koopsta's You Tube video claim a 12 year old served Lil Wyte back in the day.. on the bay...around da way.. which for him was gay.. aiight lol but naw alot of Secrets can be sought up if you listen/pay attention to that video.

thats all I can think of. its alot of HCP I know, its the most material I can bubble up so thats what I ran with.
Good sh*t

La Chat and Boo cool now, though...Boo had a song on her myspace with Chat a few months back (it might still be on there)