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deathrow VS No Limit

deathrow (with Suge still behind bars) released the 2 disc compilation 'The Chronic 2000' which also took shots at Dre and set out to destroy everyone affiliated with Snoop and Dre's crediblity. With songs like 'Easy 2 Be A Soldier When There Ain't No War' (No Limit had repeatedly stated that they were soldiers in the No Limit Army with Master P being the colonel) performed by 2Pac clone - Tha Realest, and other songs such as 'Top Dogg Cindafella' - a complete bite from Snoop's hit of the exact same rhyme pattern, lyrics, and beat performed by Snoop clone - Topp Dogg, deathrow went on to call No Limit biters and fake soldiers (much like Cash Money did) throughout late 98 to early 2000.

As is also deathrow's style, when No Limit started to die down in 2000, deathrow stopped dissing and most of their artists left yet again. Suge, however, stated numerous times he doesnt respect Master P and his music, and also Snoop Dogg for being "a bi*ch". No Limit never responded to deathrow, only calling out haters out with generic songs aimed at nobody in particular. Though not a highly publicized beef, the song "Easy 2 Be A Soldier..." pushed the album to gold and slightly derailed No Limit's crediblity by calling out C-murder for blatantly biting 2Pac and Master P for being a "fake thug"