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finsta (of finsta bundy fame) was originally supposed to be the lead mc in Black Moon but buckshot was really jealous at how nice finsta was and he started some drama and eventually got him kicked outta the crew.

some cats say that they battled to see who would be the lead mc in the crew, but that's just a lie made to make buck not look like a little bi*ch...

and regarding that situation with starang getting beatdown by biggie's boys at D&D. one of the main reasons why rock doesn't fu*k with duck down anymore is cause of how they handled that situation. rock wanted retribution but dru ha wasn't having it.

back in like 95-96, the local news in bk reported that smoothe da hustler got shot in the streets over a drug deal and they even showed a picture of him, claiming he was dead. dude was fu*king some bi*ch at a motel when it happened. his brother, trigger and his mom thought n*gga was dead though.

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