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no,the video sh*t was after.
That was when Ja became famous,they shot ''Murda 4 Life''
but the club sh*t was when Ja performed with Jay-Z (Ja Rule wasn't famous back then)
You're wrong man. I read that sh*t myself. And why the hell would 50 go up and try to dap him if he knew Ja thought his mans took his jewerly. Makes no sense....

-Del The Funkee Homosapien is Ice Cubes Cousin.
-Skillz ghostwrites for fu*king everyone.
-If Styles P is so hard then why has he gotten his a*s beat like 5 times by different rappers and done nothing?
-Jay-Z never got slapped by Juelz or Jim Jones

Does anyone know what Solider Slim got k*lled over?
Why are Slim Thug & Lil Flip Beefin?
What happened between Paul Wall Chamillioniare?

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