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 LBoogie2122 said

-Guru didnt leave boston in the best of terms which is why the early of stages of his carrear boston did not play a big part. Gang Starr originally started in Boston and had a few emcees in it. Guru left for NY and took the name without people knowing.
very true. I made a documentary in 2000 about Boston Hip Hop which featured Big Shug (from Gangstarr's MILITIA). Gangstarr started in Roxbury, MA and they were originally called Gangstarr Foundation. They have a 12" that I believe has been repressed (I have the original).

Also, Benzino was supposed to be in my documentary but the day I showed up to the Source Sound Lab in Canton, MA, Benzino kicked me out of the office and was yelling at Tony Rome for letting me (a white dude) in the office (Tony Rome, former member of RSO, was an office a*sistant)