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 j_k1dd said
name: Jason/Mase/Shaman.
Location: Toronto/Scarborough Ontario
Specialty: Working in communities and spreading peace / love / and happiness. Organizing young people and creating platforms for performance, harvesting & collaborating on ideas, or simply just bringing people together. I like to research things I gain interest in and learning new skills. I'm connected to artists, creatives (& collectives), writers, merchandisers, spiritual gurus, vegans, police officers, city workers (the mayor if I really wanted.), cooks, evaluators, and teachers across the city. I got a degree in criminology. I'm great at writing grants and starting to dabble in sponsorships to fund projects. The world of CEO's is new to me, but the gates have opened.

I can't promise jobs to any of the fields I have connections to, but I'm always open to working on ideas and trying to make things happen.

Interests: Being home and being on BX. Weed.
What's good bro? Is it possible for you to help facilitate a grant for recording music if im in the states?