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Don’t bother man people like him are a lost cause. Watch him carefully when out of this thread. I promise you he gonna at some point slip up and mention how women gotta have accountability for ___random act but somehow he in here not saying gang members k*lling each other need to have accountability

It’s mentality like this why we got coons like Kanye in our community that are almost 50 and still being coddled like a little kid because his mommy died

Plenty of people grew up in the same environments and the funny thing is a lot of people making less than minimum wage make less money than these gang members yet they don’t feel the need to act degenerate and run around shooting people every second or promoting that life
yall weirdos keep saying this and not offering up anything realistic for change. the same people who setup illinois to look this way would need to intervene to change the shi.

there are no more mlks or mx, garveys, etc.../ the 2000s people don't listen because their parents didn't listen and the parents' parents probably didn't listen either. You don't do or know shi in this life unless you learned it from someone else and if there is nobody (in your home) to teach you consistently what do you think the outcome is going to be for 90% of mfs in an environment where there's nothing but poverty.

mfs claim they grew up in this hood or that hood but sit here and type as if they've never actually seen what it really looks like. A BUNCH OF FKN KIDS RUNNING LOOSE because their parents are 23 and trying to go shake a*s. now these mfs have had no guidance and no real role models but they are supposed to be positive members of society according to yall. They do not look up to teachers, chicago public school teachers are more concerned for their own safety than they are teaching.. they don't physically see, doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc. the best they see is working at the post office, CTA, a railroad or getting a CDL....and that is 1 out of 100 ppl...the rest are temp jobs, fast food and warehouses....that's nothing to look forward to for adolescents bro and telling them they can be "anything" when everyone around them falls into one of those job categories is like me telling you you have a great chance to go to the NBA at 5'1.

you cannot possibly have ever seen the setup here, speaking the way yall do. Mfs were setup for failure since the 1920s but you want them to just magically fix it own their own. And with what money? Because if no money is involved aint sh*t happening. Even with government a*sistance they are barely surviving. These chicago rappers are not worth enough to change the entire city. theyd go broke trying.....and that's IF.....IF they were even allowed to TRY by the illinois government, which they wouldn't be. Capitalism does not work unless you have the haves and the "have-nots." It would not be in the best interest of their bottom-lines to "fix."

you want to "fix" things, then tell the illinois government to actually give a damn. Have them help secure loans for new potential black buyers so business can be black-owned, operated and ran. Take these police out of these unmarked a*s suspicious a*s trap cars and have them actually do their jobs and police the communities. They hire ANYBODY to be chicago police (got ppl i went to school with who are pu**y and retarded who are cpd), so there is no excuse to not have police out on foot policing these areas constantly. You are the police the job isn't supposed to be easy until you make it easy by policing. Which brings me to my next point, STOP HIRING JUST ANYBODY to be police lmfao. Create a homicide division( and solve these got damn cases so mfs don't think they can just keep bodying mfs without punishment. ...and if there is a homicide division, why does it feel like there isn't one, because im not a street n*gga and I have 2 dead homies, 1 of which is unsolved yet they could probably solve it by just going on Facebook.

stop writing the shi off like it's that easy to just stop. there are probably 200K plus gang members around chicagoland and thousands of small a*s sets. There would need to be mass jailings of anyone not compliant with peace and sit downs orchestrated by CPD and the illinois government. Now where are all of those jailed gang members going to go...because there is already no room in cook county.. ...are you really going to ship thousands of chicago gang members out to different states across the country? what states are going to allow that? How much money would illinois have to come out of pocket to even make this possible? Would they make the return on it? NO!

stop acting stupid

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