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i feel you man, gettin a scratch on a new phone hurts, but, really theres no way to get it replaced, sprint considers that just cosmetic damage unfortunately, all you can do is cover it up wit skins or a leather case. Only alternative is if you got your reciept go to compusa and get what they call Air tap, which is their warrenty, they cover products purchased outiside their store, go buy that for like 27.99 for one year, wait like 21 days go back and tell them your phone isnt making or recieving calls, like its suppose to, they will swap out the phone right in the store. so if your willing to drop about 30 bucks, and wait 3 weeks, you can get one. hope this has been some help
thanks but i bought mine throuigh the phone because my mom gets a discount because she works for GE so they have to go through a certain department.....i guess i'm just going to have to buy a leather case or some skinz :banghead:

you'll be propped, thanks