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 maranello550 said
The original non android version was trash.
Nah see you’re not understanding the use of the blackberry. That sh*t was a powerhouse for communications, business deals, and productivity, not for the bullsh*t people do on their phones today. It had a way of using data that even if you had sh*tty or no service the sh*t would still work good. Still get the emails, texts and bbm’s. I would get my emails fast as sh*t on my curve before anything else. If you was the plug back then that was the phone to have, especially if yours had chirp walkie talkie. if you was gonna get caught by the boys it had one button data wipe, done, no evidence. And bbm, there was nothing like it until iMessage came out. The keyboard it had was so damn flawless I never had to look at the phone to type anything. When they changed the trackball to trackpad>>>>>>

So many adventures and memories with that phone. Only real n*ggas know how fire that phone was.