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 LordBlanco said
3I said i wasnt gon cop this year but i got it for 20 but yea. Same ol sh*t.

Players still have no idea where they are on the field. Could be qn inch from the goal line and they never try to extend the ball. Watch thqt be a new feature next year. Reach for the goal line like they do on Sundays!!!

Still no real physics nor do players have weight to them so physics and momentum is not respected, jus ragdolls that trip over each other or take themselves out the play running into a teammate like mindless ragdolls.

Oline dline interactions are sloppy as hell, game plays fast so u might not see it as u play but in every replay youll see a lineman on both sides doing some dumb sh*t.

Int animations start way before the ball even gets there.. thats new, i mean they had these animations where u knew it was going to be a pick but for ur WR to start going for a tackle on the DB whil3 the ball is still in the air cuz skynet said its gonna be an int is wild. I think i saved the clip, ill upload it if so.

Overall its still a game u can play jus to pass n run, but fundamentally its a horrible representation of how football is really played. These Xfactors add a lil element but players still all have the same movements and animations so who cares rly? Im enjoying it for what it is and mmainly cuz of at the price i got it. This is not a 60 dollar game in any shape or form.

That's one thing I loved about nfl 2k series. Players felt like they had weight physics felt real . A qb felt like a qb rb felt like a rb depending on which rb it was. Madden is just boring to play.