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 rashadd said
Thanks. I watch a vid where a guy did something in the coding? (I don't know the appropriate term) but I think it was what you were saying about launch settings.

Also I put everything on medium and the quality is so noticeable from my med-high settings that it's bothers me. Also count the fact that this in only happening in the town/city areas (Saint Denis and Valentine are the worst) and it happens at all medium settings.

Last I have 1440p monitor and switched to 1080p, but obviously this won't give me a full screen. Also I have Rockstar launcher. Thanks

Check your specs out. I started gaming on PC when I was 10 and had no idea that was a thing, would get mad and punch the computer like an idiot all the time. Hit DxDiag on the command prompt or start menu. If you're using a Celeron chip, around 4 to 2gb of ram, then you've got no business playing that game.

Or you could do what most of us do and sub to the lowspecgamer on YouTube and play demanding games on craptops like we do lol