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 Zaosyn said
Hard to hate on any $329 laptop that has upgradable memory of up to 32gb (yes, 32gb), an additional slot for NVMe so you can have additional storage, a backlit keyboard, a large trackpad, USB C, USB 3.0, USB 2.0, ethernet and HDMI ports and is lightweight. Regardless of battery life, quality and feel of keyboard, screen brightness and any other quality cutting corners Walmart might've cut to sell this laptop at this price it's a helluva deal considering how future proof you can make this thing for just another $200 or so to max it out.

At $329 I would probably pick this over any $500-600 Chromebook (that's about the price of most entry-level high-end Chromebooks). Might be fun to put Ubuntu on it

I would totally buy this if I was on a budget for a laptop for school or work only thing I can see being a better value then this is buying a used Thinkpad and upgrading that but not everyone wants a clunky a*s Thinkpad
Upgradeability aside... The price isn't great for a AMD based system, with a 256GB SATA M.2, 8GB RAM which is really 6GB since the Radeon Vega is going to use 2GB of your memory...

Once you start upgrading you will be in the $5-600 range with a $399 starting price