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 aCed 1 said
Hot air from the turbo flows through tubes inside the intercooler. The turbo air transfers heat to the tubes, warming the tubes and cooling the turbo air. Outside air (or water) passes over the tubes and between fins that are attached to the tubes. Heat is transferred from the hot tubes and fins to the cool outside air. This heats the outside air while cooling the tubes. This is how the turbo air is cooled down. Heat goes from the turbo air to the tubes to the outside air.

Sustained high boost can rocket up the intake charge temperature; stock boost settles at ~110'F, running 12psi jumps that number up to 280'F+!!(Tested at 70'F ambient) High inlet temperatures can cause severe detonation. This is not good!

-so do the math for 25 pound and no intercooler. turbo + head gaskets blown..

anyway thats my opinion
So whats your point? Why did you need to quote me to say that? Nothing i said was contradicted by what you said.

"stock boost settles at ~110'F" Where did you copy / paste all this from?

Do the math, running non-intercooled will still never cause you to blow your turbos or make you over heat.