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yea, i only went with the stealth box cus i wanted to keep my trunk space

if there was no back seat, which wouldnt matter, cus the backseat is virtually useless, you could fit a decent sized box in there very easily.

i keep mine normal for now cus it's sort of like a everyday driver.....faster than most cars i see out there.....

and yea, they can get fast.
i've seen em go as fast as low 10's and high 9's.....
due to the fact that there was only ever about 15,000 of them produced in the US between 91 - 99, and the fact that they are considered an exotic import cus they are japanese (formerly known as the GTO in Japan), the parts are mad expensive. a front mount intercooler, stage 2 heads, and an upgraded turbo, like the DR650's or DR1000's......

sh*t cost more than most cars.

im still running stock turbos, but im running about 15+ boost, and ive got other motor work done to it, so its not bad at all considering its still reasonably stock.

a rare car indeed, and it's always nice to see the people stare, cus they ain't seen something like it before, or when i tell them its a 1993.

the cars were really ahead of their time.

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