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 Kyu said
I think it should be established that the word “dinosaur” wasn’t invented until 1841 by a British scientist named Sir Richard Owen. He just combined 2 Greek words, deinos meaning “terrible” & sauros meaning “lizard”. Before 1840 every civilization across the planet called these giant reptiles “Dragons”. You can look up any ancient culture going back thousands of years and they all talk about Dragons, a lot of these cultures never even interacted with one another and they all speak about dragons, on land and in the sea. Ancient culture considered them a marine or land monster, sea-serpent, sea dragon, sea monster or just serpent.

Now if Richard Owen called them “terrible lizards” in 1841 we must a*sume that all of the civilizations who documented Dragons mush have knew they were reptile creatures who were large in size and could either fly or swim. How did ancient cultures know about Giant Reptiles that could fly or swim unless they actually seen them first hand?
All of them didn’t use the word dragon. People found fossils and created myths.