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 Hardkore said
Multiple real estate agents have told me I only need good credit and a few G’s to put a down payment on a house.

That is my next goal. I’m not giving anyone financial advice.

I cleared 40k last year and my income has gone up every year.

Wait. I’m at work. Wasting my time replying to a boxden member who has negative things to say about me.

Oh well. More power to you.
I mean.... a few G’s for a down payment is TECHNICALLY possible. But that’s like playing the minimum balance on your credit card statement each month. (Please don’t tell me you do this too.)

You’re gonna be owing on that house for the rest of your life, with interest rates costing more than the house itself and then pass on that debt to your children.

Nvm dog... this post became too real and I feel bad now.

Do you fam, best of luck out there.