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 Hardkore said
The maybe... two or three times in my adult life that I had $5,000+ saved up...

...a portion of it went to my mom to help with her bills at her apartment.

Another portion of it went to my dad to help with bills at his house.

So based on my past experience... actions would be to buy myself a house and a nice car, give some money to my parents, and probably buy a house to rent out or invest in a company.

Me f*cking over people is not in my DNA.

Some people get money and want to keep it to themselves.

I help the ones around me who need it.

Thankfully most of my friends were born into six figure income families, so I rarely have to help friends.
n*gga... youíve only saved $5,000 2-3 times in your life time?

These brokies trying to kick knowledge and then tell me financial advice.

Gtfo you ainít never buying a home