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seems weird to me. what's the full history of the car before they bought it at auction? this guy didn't pay for the autopilot but if somebody at some point did (before it was auctioned), then I don't understand their case here - unless it was never enabled and the dealership was mistaken, or they missed some fine print in the auction.

paying for the autopilot is a one-time thing when the car is first purchased new from tesla, it's not an individual user license or anything like that. you don't have to pay an incremental fee for it every time the car changes hands - it's already reflected in the value of the car (a car with this feature will be valued higher than one without). seems like a fu*kup happened somewhere along the way. if it was sold at auction as having those features, then there shouldn't be any case for removing them. however, if it was sold as CAPABLE of those features, that would be a different story.

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