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 Mr K said
My,my that's a lot of negativity you got there buddy. Let me quote you here This fossil could almost be considered the smoking gun in Darwin’s theory of natural selection here I simplify this as well here is the key word and phrase
"This fossil could almost be considered"

So all I did was use your words. I'm not looking for possibly or sorta I'm looking for scientific irrefutable proof

Since you appear to be pretty ignorant of things or consequently pushing an agenda. can we not use questionable evidence that several scientist today say is a forgery?

Please note Google's First Response with this below

Nice try tho, I suggest researching and not being so foolish and ignorant with your arguments. I can find more evidence that this is a possible fake if you like to as well from other scientists.

please note additional information below

Aaaaand not a single shred of evidence, let alone “irrefutable” evidence that demonstrates that the fossil was a fake. You typed all of that sh*t just to post accusations that haven’t been substantiated.

Nice try but next time try to abide by your own rule of thumb dipsh*t.

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