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 imthatinfamous said
while I do acknowledge that having a stable home does help, it is not the end all be all.

I've seen kids from "unstable" homes grow up to be huge successes and kids born with a damn silver spoon in their mouth grow up to be bums...the majority of the weight is on the individual. Which is another reason why there are huge issues in the public school system. Kids aren't held accountable for their actions anymore. Coddled through the first 18 years of their life and if they go to college another 4 years.
A guy last year survived a 47-story skyscraper fall in NYC, that don't mean everybody will survive a fall like, there are exceptions in life him surviving is an exception, most people would die. I'm saying that to say of course some kids coming from broken homes can make it, those are exceptions.

The majority of kids from unstable household won't. Stats are there, its not necessarily cuddling but rather neglect and lack of guidance. kids are impressionable and with no good role models or some sort of guidance to steer them right, they most likely will go down the wrong path. dropout rates, teen pregnancy while in school etc...all are results of broken homes.