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 Kingme said
Lowering corporate taxes and a wealth tax are 2 completely different things fam.

Trickle-down economics doesn't include corporate taxes. That being said you can lower the corporate tax rate all you want like Trump did and it's not going to beat the 0-1% tax rate you get from pulling a "Double Irish", "Dutch Sandwich", or banking in the Bermuda "Black Hole". You remember when Trump campaigned on closing tax loopholes? Well he has not even attempted to do so once in office and never mentions it anymore.

There are no studies that show any benefit to Trickle Down Economics for any group other than the elites... That's why Bush Sr. (A Republican) called it Voodoo Economics when Reagan was doing it. And as long as both of us have been alive Trickle Down always leads to a recession and an increase in the wealth gap.
I agree they are 2 completely different things that's why I addressed them separately.

As to your last paragraph I agree wholeheartedly. But again, I think Trickle Down Economics is bullsh*t which is why I don't agree it leads recessions. I think it was deregulation. I think wealthy people could have been taxed at a 75% rate and it still would have happened if you did the same type of deregulation on housing that they did.

They were giving people the ability to borrow on dam near no money down for 6 figure houses. How is that Trickle Down Economics? That's predatory behavior which needs to be regulated.