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 MemphisBleek said
The U.S. is also demanding a reduction in violence before and after the deal is complete, and negotiations on power sharing between the Taliban and the Afghan government.

19 years of war lol
bro it's a farce

I've been to Afghan 7 times... the Taliban won't leave the Afghan govt as we know it, intact once the Americans leave

its like... your parents buy your stepchild some bad a*s toy, you want the toy, but since you are the older, bigger, stronger, one of the two, you f*ght to take the toy... your parents see it happening, put you on timeout etc., and tell you every time to stop trying to take your stepbrother's toy... until one day, they say, ok we're gonna be gone for the weekend, but don't try to take the toy... what do you think is gonna happen during that time?

Afghan govt is a joke, Taliban is much stronger than them, and the average Afghan govt soldier is probably afraid of them. It's like the Italian mafia, but with guerrilla f*ghters

Afghan govt won't last more than 6 months after the Americans leave the Taliban and Afghan govt to fend for themselves. Taliban will wipe them out