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 Skateboard T said
You hate trans people and gay people.

We are not coming at this from the same foundational premise.

You don’t believe in human rights, you believe in certain human rights.

Which is your prerogative but at least be honest about it instead of hiding behind vague statements about “real ones” lmao
You are 96.4% correct! The 3.6% where you're wrong is with the use of the word hate. To elucidate...

I raise South African Boerboels. I have no use for undersized dogs or small dogs. Dogs that get excited and wet, that display unwarranted aggression, that display physical abnormalities. I don't personally understand the purpose of toy & teacup breeds and don't think the world would miss anything if they didn't exist. But they do and I don't hate them. But neither do I encourage, support, or celebrate their existence.

What I do hate is when others try to force me to adopt that type of acceptance. When they first think "Oh, he's just that way because he doesn't know any" and then become a little more pushy with the "there's nothing to be afraid of" and then graduate to their put upon and angry stage where it must be something wrong with me that I don't like their little dog that's got three legs, is untrained and jumping all over while wetting the floor in it's excitement.

Human rights is a man-made concept that in reality means nothing; it is merely whatever enough humans at the time and place decide that it is. I recognize that pragmatically and do consider myself lucky that I was borne into a time and country where- for the most part- black people are afforded "human rights". But I don't consider "human rights" universal to all people. And so I do my best to stay amongst those who believe as I do (the Western world) and- if not (certain Middle East & Asian countries)- to keep to myself and try not to rock the apple cart.

Homos*xuals and those that promote their agenda began their crusade in the West ostensibly for tolerance. Which became acceptance. And is now wholesale demands for support and encouragement.

Nahhh, I'm good. I hope a strong pushback to their movement is coming.