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 JacobWatch said
You people are bugging.

Driving to work you can get into an accident and the other person was driving a car full of swords. If you stay on scene and they die that’s manslaughter.

You think that person deserves more time than an obvious predator forcing girls into s*x, a*saulting college students, & conning their family out of money over $200k?

One of those scenarios IS AN ACCIDENT.

The other he had to go out his way, come up with a plan, and continue illegal activities to keep the operation going
What did I say that made you believe I was comparing stories? I made no mention of the OP. I solely commented on the car accidents.

For argument sake, I don’t care if the bi*ch was driving to church and the person she hit was my worst enemy. She crossed the centre line, case closed. She’s guilty. What is there really to discuss?