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 Maladar said
You can believe whatever you want dipsh*t. I'm originally from Bucharest, Romania. Google the regime it used to have before December 24 1989.

I've also lived in Monaco and France before moving to the US.

I've traveled to over a dozen other countries, and lived in several states in the US since moving here.

Anything else you need to know? And yes that's what clowns like you are, internet socialists. You guys have no fu*king clue what it means to live in a socialist country. "Democratic Socialism" is a myth. fu*king clown.
nice to know... but what does a communist dictator akin to kim jong un have to do with a socialist democrat like bernie sanders? you think he plans to turn the US into romania in 89 nothing sanders is planning on doing is considered radical in the majority of developed countries around the world ...maybe the cut in student debt might be radical but all his other policies are the norm in most countries