Thread: Video in this thread 2022 GMC Hummer- ‘Quiet Revolution’
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 popogogo said
H2 was the worst piece of sh*t I've ever owned.

Was cool for about 4 months.
sh*t started fu*king up left and right shortly after.
Bought it "certified pre-owned"

What a fu*king joke...

Kept it up real nice and added a few after market affects to give it an even more aggressive look, so I was able to sell it private for a few thousands more that i bought it for to some clown who got his tax return and a Navy Federal Union loan.

Got rid of that sh*t and put the wife in a Toyota Sequoia, Got me an Escalade.
kept the BMW 335i convertible for the weekends.

I'll wait to see on this one...

Escalade LMFAO you crash dummy that's a gm product... Trolling I hope.