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 Bravo Golf said
Best of luck. You're at a good spot because Hyundais are more popular now than they were 10 years ago when I was doing car sales. Also, you have the internet to your advantage. If you haven't already, get yourself a YouTube channel and start making car demo videos of some of your best-selling models. Try to use social media to attract customers in your local market.

The old sales model for car sales is sitting back and waiting for customers to visit the lot, but you have to be more proactive to be competitive in this field. I didn't have that mindset in me when I did it. I wish I did because car sales can be a very lucrative field. The hours suck, though -- no way around that.
Its some things i wanna get comfortable before promoting on my FB page. Im in quite a few groups thats gonna pick my #s up quick. But I wanna go through the trials and tribulations of this learning curb first.
Its good quick money from the deals i been apart of so far tho