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 MarloStanTrill said
Nah, im not saying they SHOULDnT check credit- Im saying maybe they should prequalify you before you can even start shopping for cars.

You wanna buy a car- you walk in they immediately run your credit, then TELL you what you can afford- rather than walk in- chat up a salesman, fall in love with a car i cant afford, do 2 hours of haggling and paperwork then go- OH your credit is bad
When I worked in car sales, we would do this if a customer came in looking to test drive a Corvette, for example. To prevent people from test driving one just to say they drove one, those customers got their credit ran first before anything. The sales managers wanted to make sure that they could actually afford the car first instead of wasting the salesmen's time for a simple joyride.

I wish they did that for every car, though. I remember during my first week in car sales, this lady came in wanting a pick up truck. We test drove several options before she found the one she wanted. We sat down at my desk to get the paperwork started. Not only did this chick have bad credit, but she didn't have a job either. Her only income was child support, which was only a couple hundred a month. I wasted an hour with her because I didn't ask those questions beforehand. I learned my lesson that day.

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