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Bx, I just recently went to a used car dealer triying to get financing on a vehicle and it didn't work out as planned. A little about me: I'm in my early 20's with virtually no credit at all. I have one credit card with a $500 limit and it's completely maxed because i pay just the bare minimum monthly. Anyway, I went to the dealer and tried to get financing on a Honda Cr-V for 15k but I was denied for that and instead they tried to put me in a 2011 Rogue with 92k miles for $10k. However, I was hit with a 22% APR rate which was like $7,000 in interest. After much thought I opted out of it because it just didn't sound logical to close on it. So my question for the Bx fam is would my APR get better if I was to pay this CC off and come with a larger down payment? Or would I still be in the same situation since my credit limit isn't that much to begin with?